Why Learning Digital Banking is a Must

Why Learning Digital Banking is a Must

Digital banking has become a rather common practice all over the world, especially in India. India’s digital and banking sector has collectively taken a big leap over the last decade, which is visible in the UPI revolution and how even the local shopkeepers and vegetable vendors use this payment interface. However, despite the huge impact of UPI payment system on our banking sector, most of us are far from truly utilising digital banking and its benefits. Here are a few basic reasons why learning digital banking is a must in today’s internet-driven world. 

Why learning digital banking is a must 

Fund Transfers 

Many people still use cheques for conducting major transactions; and while cheques have their own advantages even today, it is highly time consuming, and there is more room for financial fraud such as forging signatures and cheque bounces. Using fund transfer, on the other hand, takes no time and gives virtually no space for such frauds to take place. In UPI, you can transfer funds of maximum Rs.1 lakh per day, which may not be enough for large-scale transactions. Most banks today have ensured smooth functioning in their apps, which will make life easier for you while transferring big funds.   

Tracking transactions 

The old practice of heading to your bank to update your passbook is a fading practice, as you can simply track your bank statements/transaction via digital banking. It enables you to check your bank balance and status whenever you want to verify whether the said transaction has taken place or not. Inversely, it also helps about in bringing great financial awareness among users, who carefully manage their account in terms of their expenditure and financial planning.  


Investing is perhaps one of the most untapped benefits of learning digital banking. You can get updates about the various investment opportunities that banks have to offer you on their apps. Instead of receiving the simple notification messages that most people may not trust, digital banking provides you proper details of these investment opportunities that you can use to your advantage.  

Effortless payment of bills 

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we usually have dozens of bills to cater to such as electricity and wifi bills, phone bills, EMIs and so on. It has become virtually impossible to keep track of all your pending bills, which is where learning digital banking comes to play. It has auto-debiting facility that you can control as per your requirements, and you never have to worry about keeping track and making errands to pay your bills again. 

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