Why India’s Data Bill 2023 is Important for IT’s Future

Why India’s Data Bill 2023 is Important for IT’s Future

There has been a lot of discussion around the Data Bill 2023 which was recently introduced to India’s Union Cabinet, who immediately approved it. The bill will be presented in the coming monsoon season of Parliament and will be finally sent to the President to give her final approval. Since we live in an era where our future, security and privacy will be determined by data regulations, it is important for us to understand what this bill states. Here are a few key takeaways from the Data Bill 2023 that makes it important for India’s IT future.  

Why Data Bill 2023 is Important for India’s IT future 

Protects misuse of data 

Millions of people in India use smartphones today, and their numbers are set to rapidly multiply in the coming few years. As an increasing number of Indian masses store their personal information and other data on their smartphones for personal use, it becomes even more important that no private companies can use your data for shady purposes. Data Bill 2023 will empower the government to take action against all companies who are found conducting malpractices of any kind that involves use of data. This will have a major impact on India’s IT growth as it will be protected even as this sector takes a big leap in the country.  

Enables you to withdraw consent 

You may have seen that many apps ask for your device information before you can use them. While most of these apps do need your device location and access to microphone and camera to operate effectively, some apps have been questioned by US governments for retaining and using private data even when they are not required in the functioning of the app. In addition to this, you may have also observed that many apps present long terms and conditions which are often not read by users before giving their consent. With this bill, they will be able to withdraw their consent as and when they want.  

Rectifying data and addressing grievances 

This bill also gives users the right to edit and rectify their data whenever they want. While there may be some tech institutions who make it difficult for you to make edits to your data, this bill has covered such situations as well. In case of grievances, it has given us the right to approach the wings of these companies that have been specifically established to address these problems and demand the tackling of these problems. Failing to comply on such matters will make tech firms open to lawsuits, that will invite judicial and/or government action.  

Nominating individuals to pass on personal data 

Data and personal information hold the same gravity and importance as personal wealth today. Just like everyone is entitled to pass on their wealth to their next of kin or people they are close to after their death, this bill will also give every person the right to nominate a person who will receive their personal data and information. It will protect a person’s data security from falling into the hands of tech firms even after their death by empowering them to nominate somebody close to them to receive their private information. 

These are some of the important takeaways of India’s Data Bill 2023 which makes it a landmark decision. 

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