What is Machine Learning - and why it is necessary to understand it

What is Machine Learning – and why it is necessary to understand it

The talk around Artificial Intelligence is increasing with every passing day, and you may have heard tech professionals and AI experts using the term ‘Machine Learning’ quite frequently. So, what is machine learning and why is it important to learn about it? Machine learning is a key branch of Artificial Intelligence that is responsible for using statistical information and algorithms to make accurate predictions. It collects, analyzes and stores data to make these future predictions that can be a game-changer in disaster management and healthcare.  

Now let us learn why it is vital to learn machine learning. As the name suggests, a major function of machine learning is to update algorithms and information in the AI system, or in simple terms, help the machine learn and evolve as per the need of time. Let me give you a brief example to provide a wider perspective on this. An AI system can be used to identify law offenders and uphold security. In the peak of pandemic, people used to be fined for not wearing masks; but now that we have largely overcome Covid, people are not fined anymore. Now if we would have used AI to catch people not wearing masks during the pandemic, today we would have to update the machines algorithms to ensure that people are not fined anymore. 

However, this is only one important aspect of machine learning. The human way of life is way too complex for a machine or an algorithm to understand without undergoing several stages of improvements. Artificial Intelligence technology is still in its early stages and contains certain loopholes that need to be overcome. Before we get too dependent on AI, it is necessary to make it evolved enough to ensure that it does not fail in the long-term, especially in a high-stake situation. Machine learning will be the key to fixing these loopholes and it is thus vital for everyone to get acquainted with it. In the not-so-distant-future, everyone will be using Artificial Intelligence in some or the other form; and hence, keeping yourself updated about machine learning is a must. 

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