Shrimati Reena Tiwari appreciates the gesture of Indian News-Media-Houses portrayed towards the celebration of her Wedding Anniversary with Shri Nitin Tiwari

The most notable anniversary celebration was covered by various Iconic Media Houses of the Nation, including Mid-Day, Free-Press Journal, Lokmat-Times, Mumbai-Times, Ahmedabad Mirror, and more, wishing the couple with love and blessings. Shrimati Reena Tiwari(CEO of Aarav Group) deep-heartedly appreciates the gestures of News Media Houses for covering her Anniversary Celebration with Shri Nitin Tiwari(Aarav Group Chairman).

Shrimati Reena Tiwari and her spouse, Shri Nitin Tiwari, the most prominent figures in the Indian Corporate paradigm, were seen celebrating their wedding anniversary. The celebration began with a traditional Vedic ritual, including a Havan ceremony invoking divine blessings and honoring ancestors. Stressing on elements like duty, righteousness, and devotion. The event symbolized their commitment to mutual respect and spiritual growth. Their anniversary marked a personal milestone and underscored the timeless relevance of Sanatan values, serving as a beacon of continuity and wisdom in a changing world.

The glitters of the celebration were seen across the nation on various mediums of News-Media as follows,

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