Inter-Vehicle Connectivity & 5G’s Role in it

Inter-Vehicle Connectivity & 5G’s Role in it 


Technology has shaped our way of living beyond our comprehension. But perhaps its two biggest contributions to humanity is making life easier and safer. Now, while it is true that the world of internet, which is driven by social media, has its own threats, its overall impact on human safety has been far ahead of its cons if you look at the bigger picture. It has helped in the transformation of global healthcare systems, and it will also play a big role in raising road safety levels with inter-vehicle connectivity.  

What is inter-vehicle connectivity?  

Inter-vehicle connectivity makes it possible for people in two or more cars in the vicinity to communicate with each other no matter where you are located. This progress promises to take road safety to new heights, which is the need of the hour, especially for countries like India. Road accidents continue to take place at a high rate due to poor traffic and road conditions. While overcoming these problems is a different issue altogether, making it possible for drivers to communicate with other cars will surely make a big difference.  

For example, anyone who notices a pothole or a maintenance hole nearby can immediately alert other cars near and behind him. Enabling communication amongst vehicles can prevent car accidents, traffic problems and any confusion on the road on a scale which we cannot imagine and will likely end up saving many lives. Governments around the world are heavily investing in this technology, and so is India.  

How does inter-vehicle connectivity work?  

It is built around the GPS system, which uses satellites to track your location. Today, the earth has thousands of satellites orbiting the planet for various uses, and inter-vehicle connectivity is about to become one of the most important ones. It tracks the GPS location of your car, as well as those around you. Having identified the vehicles in your area, its system will enable you to communicate with them effortlessly. This technology is rapidly being developed, but it has not yet been made clear the exact form in which this communication will take place. But satellites and the internet will soon turn this dream into a reality.  

What role does 5G have to play in this technology?  

Countries around the world are racing towards acquiring 5G technology before others, as it is no secret that whoever makes advancements in this tech today will dominate the IT world tomorrow. On this front, most cars will eventually have 5G access, which will make them offer even more services for passengers. 5G can not only provide an outstanding internet speed but also handle internet traffic which is a thousand times greater than 4G networks. It can perfectly support the communication systems at the rate of speed and accuracy that they need to operate.   

The economic impact of inter-vehicle connectivity  

While most people tend to rightfully focus on the social, personal and emotional impact caused by road accidents, their economic impact cannot be ignored. Along with taking innocent lives and giving life-long trauma to victims’ families, road accidents also put a heavy strain on the economic systems. The reduction in these road accidents due to inter-vehicular connectivity will not only save thousands of lives but also lessen this economic strain. Insurance companies are likely to benefit from this outcome the most, which will help them use those resources where they are needed the most.   

Here are a few points on the importance of inter-vehicular connectivity and the pivotal role that 5G is going to play in bringing this initiative to life and effectively saving lives. 

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