Happy Birthday, Partner! 

Among the many reasons for celebration that life gives us, celebrating your life partner brings joy like none other. Although my husband, Mr. Nitin Tiwari, due to his high-octane job as AARAV Group Chairman, never thinks too much about his own birthday, I want to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am to have got such a gem of a person as my partner for life. 

As my husband turns 40 today and begins an exciting new chapter of his life, all I can think of is how he has changed my life for the better just by being the ‘larger than life’ person that he turned out to be. 

His impact on my life 

As a newly married wife, I was preparing to settle into the role of a homemaker. Although I never felt that I had to make any sacrifices after adjusting to my married life, I was willing to take on the duties of a housewife. But it was Nitin who made me realise my potential and motivated me to pursue my career, and asked me to join him in starting our own business. His constant love and support have made me become a better version of myself, and I continue to learn and grow with him every single day.  

He has always valued my work and given utmost importance to my opinions and advice on our professional and personal lives. Along with being the most amazing husband ever, he is also the most generous man I have ever seen. He is extremely practical when it comes to work, but those who know him are aware of how empathetic, understanding, and helpful he really is. 

He believes in using his strength, position, and knowledge for the good of others, especially those who need and deserve it the most. I have never seen him refuse anyone who comes to him for help. I knew I had married the right man when I saw that he treats everyone equally, and how trusted and admired he is by the people around him. 

A complete family man 

He has always been an ambitious and driven man, but he has always prioritised his family above everything else in life. I am amazed at how beautifully he plays the role of a father, husband, son, brother, and every other duty of a true family man. He promptly takes charge every time his family needs him with absolute selflessness, as he is a pillar of support for every person in the family, especially for me. He has always been by my side whenever I have needed him the most and has always shown me with actions how much I hold value in his life. 

He has truly made me into a better person. I have always felt like I am truly blessed, and he is one of my biggest blessings in life. 

Happy birthday, partner! 

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