Empowering Women – a comprehensive Discussion panel organized by NavBharatTimes mumbai: Mrs Reena Tiwari conveying her appreciation on Securing Top Position

NBT, Mumbai: Positive Perspective

“With Prominent faces and personalities, sharing the stage and projecting my viewpoints has been a comprehensive experience” – Mrs Reena Tiwari.
Empowering Women to New Heights – a conclusive gathering for highlighting elements related to women empowerment. Organized by NBT(Nav-Bharat Times Mumbai), Mrs Tiwari was invited to present her valuable bits of experiences on her journey that led her to a position of boasting as the Group CEO at Aarav Group. These elements included various pointers that’d give a new meaning to educating the new-age femininity about an efficient existence. While rest of the participants still stressed on demands of women, such as empowerment, self-reliance for excreting insecurity among women, equal opportunities, self-confidence, and education, considering them as wings to fly. Whereas Mrs Reena Tiwari highlighted that women and men complement each other, and their existence is impossible without mutual support. She emphasized education for girls and gender-neutral upbringing. A few participants in the NBT Empowering Women Program echoed effective sentiments. The program honoured several other women who have achieved significant milestones in various fields. Dr Anil Kashi Murarka, actress Madhurima Tuli, and actress Aakanksha Ranjan Kapoor were among the esteemed guests who complimented them. The said Panel was concluded by awarding Mrs Tiwari’s Views and acknowledged her participation to top of the line.

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