3 Types of Investment Banking Jobs with Great Potential 

It can be tough for aspiring BFSI professionals to determine which types of investment banking jobs are best suited for their interests and skills. Investment banking carries tremendous potential as it requires great skills and study of the BFSI field for an individual to thrive. One of the many reasons that make investment banking a high-profile job is the fact that these skills can directly impact the future of a business, which leaves no room for error. A professional without these skills cannot survive in this competitive industry, and hence the rewards of scale are high as well. 

To acquire such skills, one needs to be generally aware of the different job profiles that exists in this world. Only then can a budding professional seek proper knowledge that will serve them well in their career. Here are three types of investment banking jobs that will be in high demand in years to come.   


Underwriting is one of the most traditional types of investment banking which involves raising capital for the client company as per their investment requirements. Government and private organizations both seek the service of underwriting to begin and execute their new ventures on time and with precision. This job is far easier said than done, as it requires a lot of research and study of the client’s resources and capital needs by proactively communicating with their management.  

Parallelly, they also have to be in sync with the potential investors, traders, and the sales personnel to yield the best possible results for their client. They have to keep in mind the capital needs of their clients while working on the deals, and closing such deals in a comprehensive manner can be extremely rewarding if you master this art and put the client in a beneficial position. 

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Mergers and acquisitions are perhaps the most important playground for investment bankers, who are charged with all the necessary due diligence before the company can make its decision. What most of us read in the finance newspapers about company mergers is just the surface; a lot more work goes down in the execution of these mergers. The professional value and experience required to conduct these mergers make it one of the most profitable types of investment banking in the corporate world.  

Investment bankers rely on their ‘Financial Modeling’ skills for these monumental tasks. Every company needs to have a thorough plan of action following the merger to yield the best results, and this is where the investment bankers come in. They conduct all the necessary research to protect their clients from any potential liability or even lawsuits during the process of company mergers.  

Private Equity  

Private equity has become one of the most desired types of investment banking jobs today. The number of business startups and budding entrepreneurs starting their own venture have risen tremendously in the past decade, which has consequently increased the demand for private equity investment bankers and has grown significantly. Investment banking firms are today actively hiring professionals who carry expertise in private equity, which shows how many clients they bring to the table which directly determines their position in the firm. 

Parallelly, venture capital firms are also on a look out for such professionals, whether they have credible experience or even if they are simply freshers. This shows the sheer importance of this job in modern times and how it is a booming opportunity for all youngsters to pursue.  

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