Reena Tiwari

Mrs. Reena Tiwari

CEO Aarav Group

Based out of Mumbai, I lead one of the city’s fastest-growing IT organisations – Aarav Global Products and Services Pvt. Ltd. Our company prides itself on being the IT services partner to some of India’s top banking and other financial institutions. Our efforts have been recognised and felicitated in various instances, including The Economic Times Awards and India’s Covid Warriors Awards, which was organised by the Union Government.

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Banking & Economy

The banking sector is crucial to the modern economy. As the primary supplier of credit, it provides money for people to buy cars and homes and for businesses to buy equipment, expand their operations, and meet their payrolls.



People and companies set up motivational blogs to engage with their readers' emotions and inspire them to make a change in their lives and/or habits for the better. It make you or other people want to do or achieve something

Information Technology


Information Technology is a field that manages and processes information for companies. It enables hiring managers and other tech leaders to take a peek into your brain and your thought process. To know about the types and benefits read our blog.

Aarav Group

In my years of dedication to the IT industry, I have acquired a wide diversification of knowledge and experience in this exciting field. Following and analysing the current topics, trends and issues relating to Information and Technology is something that I actively seek because it is my firm belief that whether you have already climbed the ladder of success or are still on your way, you should always seek out more knowledge within your field and outside of it.

Reena Tiwari